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Light blue PEVA Film For Daily Use

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Cixi Ruopu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a professional OEM/ODM Light blue PEVA Film For Daily Use Manufacturers and Light blue PEVA Film For Daily Use Factory, is located in Sanbei Industrial Park, Longshan Town, Cixi City. It is a company specializing in the production and processing of POE, PE, EVA, PEVA, MPE transparent film, embossed film, composite film and other products. The maximum finished product width is 2000MM, the thickness is 0.03MM-0.6MM, a variety of colors and textures are available, the product is non-toxic, tasteless, high tensile strength, good weather resistance, light specific gravity (0.93 g/cubic centimeter, lighter than PVC), Good hand feeling, easy high-frequency heat sealing, sewing processing, multi-color printing, good coloring. Widely used in household products, sanitary products, packaging products, clothing products, outdoor products, industrial product packaging and other fields, and the products meet the European environmental protection standards for export. The integrity, strength and product quality of Cixi Ruopu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Welcome to inquire and negotiate business.


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Light blue PEVA Film For Daily Use

Industry Knowledge Extension

Can light blue PEVA film for daily use be used for stationery and office supplies?
Yes, the light blue PEVA film for daily use can be used for stationery and office supplies. Here are some specific uses:
Folders and file bags: Light blue PEVA film for daily use can be used as the cover or lining of folders or file bags, increasing the aesthetics of folders and providing certain waterproof and dustproof functions.
Notebook Cover: Some notebooks or notepads can use light blue PEVA film for daily use as the cover, which not only increases the durability of the notebook, but also provides a fashionable and fresh appearance.
File separator: PEVA film can be processed into file separators, used for sorting and organizing files in folders, making it easy to search and manage.
Desktop protection pad: The light blue PEVA film for daily use can be used as a desktop protection pad to prevent the desktop from being scratched or dirty by stationery, water cups, and other items.
Mouse pad: PEVA film can also be made into a mouse pad, providing a smooth sliding surface for the mouse while protecting the desktop from mouse wear and tear.
Archive bags and document covers: The waterproof performance of light blue PEVA film for daily use makes it an ideal material for making archive bags and document covers, protecting documents from moisture and stains.
Labels and stickers: PEVA film can also be used to make stationery labels and stickers, making it easy to label and identify stationery and office supplies.
These are just some common uses of light blue PEVA film for daily use in stationery and office supplies. In fact, its application range may be more extensive. Choosing light blue PEVA film for daily use as a material for stationery and office supplies not only looks beautiful and practical, but also conforms to environmental protection concepts.

Can light blue PEVA film for daily use be used to wrap sharp objects?
Light blue PEVA film for daily use can be used to wrap sharp objects, but special care and attention should be paid to the following points when using:
Material characteristics:
The light blue PEVA film for daily use is made by copolymerizing polyethylene (PE) and vinyl acetate (EVA), which has excellent flexibility and moderate elasticity.
This material combination makes PEVA film both soft and durable, capable of adapting to objects of different shapes and sizes.
The density of PEVA film is usually between 0.91 and 0.93, which is lighter than PVC while still maintaining good durability.
Applicability for wrapping sharp objects:
Given the softness and foldability of PEVA film, it can be used to wrap sharp objects such as knives, scissors, etc.
However, due to the fact that PEVA film is not specifically designed to withstand direct pressure or cutting forces from sharp objects, special care is required when using it.
Precautions for use:
Caution: When wrapping sharp objects, be sure to wear gloves or other protective measures to avoid scratches.
Check the effectiveness of the package: Ensure that the PEVA film completely covers the sharp parts and there are no exposed parts. If necessary, multiple layers can be stacked or thicker films can be used to increase safety.
Additional protection: For extremely sharp or heavy objects, it is recommended to add additional protection measures, such as using cushioning materials such as cardboard or foam, while using PEVA film to wrap them.
Environmental friendliness:
PEVA film is an environmentally friendly material that can achieve biodegradation whether it is discarded or burned, making it environmentally friendly.
Light blue PEVA film for daily use can be used to wrap sharp objects, but it needs to be used with caution while ensuring safety. By taking appropriate protective measures, checking the effectiveness of packages, and adding additional protection, potential safety risks can be minimized to the greatest extent possible. Meanwhile, due to its environmental friendliness, the use of PEVA film also helps to protect the environment.

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