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Cixi Ruopu Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a professional OEM/ODM Film For Electrical Appliance Supplier and Film For Electrical Appliance Company, is located in Sanbei Industrial Park, Longshan Town, Cixi City. It is a company specializing in the production and processing of POE, PE, EVA, PEVA, MPE transparent film, embossed film, composite film and other products. The maximum finished product width is 2000MM, the thickness is 0.03MM-0.6MM, a variety of colors and textures are available, the product is non-toxic, tasteless, high tensile strength, good weather resistance, light specific gravity (0.93 g/cubic centimeter, lighter than PVC), Good hand feeling, easy high-frequency heat sealing, sewing processing, multi-color printing, good coloring. Widely used in household products, sanitary products, packaging products, clothing products, outdoor products, industrial product packaging and other fields, and the products meet the European environmental protection standards for export. The integrity, strength and product quality of Cixi Ruopu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Welcome to inquire and negotiate business.


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Film For Electrical Appliance Industry knowledge

The main functions of electrical film:

Electrical film plays a variety of key roles in the electronics and electrical industries, which together ensure the performance, safety and reliability of electrical equipment. With the continuous advancement of technology and changes in market demand, the application scope of electrical film will continue to expand. The following are the main functions of electrical film:

1. Insulation protection: Electrical film usually has excellent electrical insulation performance, which can effectively isolate different potential parts in electrical equipment and prevent current leakage or short circuit. In electrical equipment such as capacitors, motors, and transformers, films are widely used as insulating materials to ensure the safe operation of equipment.
2. High temperature resistance: Some electrical films, such as polyimide (PI) films, can withstand high temperature environments and ensure that electrical equipment can still work normally under high temperature conditions. High temperature stability is particularly important for equipment such as motors and transformers that need to operate in high temperature environments for a long time.
3. Moisture and mildew resistance: Electrical film usually has excellent moisture and mildew resistance, which can prevent moisture and mildew from invading the interior of electrical equipment, thereby avoiding damage to the equipment due to moisture or mildew contamination.
Thereby maintaining equipment performance and extending service life.
4. Enhanced mechanical strength: Electrical film can be used as a reinforcing material and combined with other materials to improve the mechanical strength of electrical equipment. Prevent equipment from being damaged during transportation, installation and use.
5. Heat conduction and heat dissipation: Some electrical films have good heat conduction properties, which can help the equipment dissipate heat effectively, so that the equipment can be within the normal operating temperature range. Improve the stability and reliability of the equipment.
6. Electromagnetic shielding: In some electrical equipment, electrical films can be used as electromagnetic shielding materials to prevent external electromagnetic interference from affecting the equipment. Ensure the normal operation of the equipment and information security.
7. Optical properties: Some electrical films have excellent optical properties, such as high light transmittance, low haze, etc., and are suitable for electrical equipment that requires high definition, such as displays and touch screens.
8. Identification and decoration: Electrical films can also be used for equipment identification and decoration, such as equipment labels, panel coverings, etc., to improve the beauty and recognition of the equipment.

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