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Cixi Ruopu Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Professional Plastic Products Manufacturer
Cixi Ruopu Plastic Products Co., Ltd is a professional OEM/ODM Plastic Film Manufacturer and Plastic Film Factory, is located in Sanbei Industrial Park, Longshan Town, Cixi City. It is a company specializing in the production and processing of POE, PE, EVA, PEVA, MPE transparent film, embossed film, composite film and other products. The maximum finished product width is 2000MM, the thickness is 0.03MM-0.6MM, a variety of colors and textures are available, the product is non-toxic, tasteless, high tensile strength, good weather resistance, light specific gravity (0.93 g/cubic centimeter, lighter than PVC), Good hand feeling, easy high-frequency heat sealing, sewing processing, multi-color printing, good coloring. Widely used in household products, sanitary products, packaging products, clothing products, outdoor products, industrial product packaging and other fields, and the products meet the European environmental protection standards for export. The integrity, strength and product quality of Cixi Ruopu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry. Welcome to inquire and negotiate business.


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What is  Plastic Film?

Plastic film is a film made of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resins, used for packaging and as a coating layer. Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products occupy an increasingly large share in the market, especially composite plastic flexible packaging, among which food packaging accounts for the largest proportion, such as beverage packaging, quick-frozen food packaging, retort food packaging, fast food packaging, etc.

Plastic film is divided into blown film, cast film, biaxially oriented film, etc. according to the film making process; it is divided into general packaging film, retort film, barrier film, heat shrink film, wrapping film, force-sealed film, etc. according to its use; it is divided into transparent film, antistatic film, antibacterial film, barrier film, retort-resistant film, self-adhesive film, heat-sealed film, heat shrink film, gas-controlled film, etc. according to its function. Plastic film has become one of the most important packaging materials due to its excellent physical and mechanical properties, good chemical stability, electrical insulation, transparency, processing fluidity, low processing cost and high efficiency.

What are the market applications of plastic films?

Agricultural field: Plastic film has an unshakable position in the agricultural field. It is mainly used to protect and promote crop growth, including covering, heat preservation, moisturizing, cooling, anti-fog and other functions.
Plastic films are widely used in the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, fruits and other crops to cover crops, which can significantly increase yields and effectively prevent pests, diseases and weather disasters. Agricultural greenhouses, breeding and other fields also require extensive use of plastic films.

Construction field: Plastic films are mainly used in the construction field for waterproofing, insulation, heat preservation and heat insulation. For example, a common waterproof material in the construction field is a high-density polyethylene plastic film, which can protect building materials from moisture erosion and extend the life of the building.

Medical field: In the medical industry, plastic films are mainly used in packaging, preservation and isolation. For example, sharpened polyethylene plastic films are commonly used in pharmaceutical packaging to make medicine bags to prevent oxygen, moisture and other factors from affecting the quality of medicines. Medical materials such as surgical bags and masks are also commonly made of plastic films to keep the products dry and hygienic.

Packaging field: Plastic films are most widely used in the packaging field. Plastic packaging products occupy an increasing share of the market, especially composite plastic flexible packaging, which has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry and other fields. In food packaging, plastic films are widely used, such as beverage packaging, quick-frozen food packaging, retort food packaging, fast food packaging, etc.

Other fields: In the industrial field, plastic films can be used to prepare high value-added functional products such as electrical films and microporous films. In fields such as culture and sports, plastic film bags can be used to protect books, paintings and other cultural relics from moisture, insects and oxidation.

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